Two Feminist movies for smart, strong, and confident girls

Hello and welcome. In this post, I'll be telling you about my two favourite feminist movies for young girls. Let's go.

  1. A Ballerina's tale : The incredible rise of Misty Copeland

The iconic ballerina Misty Copeland made history when she became the first African-American woman to be named main dancer of the American Ballet Theater. This movie gives you the incredible, behind-the-scenes story of how she overcame outmoded ballet culture stereotypes and nearly career-ending injuries to become one of the most respected dancers of her generation. More than just a ballet success story, A Ballerina's Tale is a hugely inspirational and universal tale of perseverance.


2. Battle Of The Sexes

It's 1973, and tennis superstar Billie Jean King is furious when she finds out that an upcoming tournament will offer the men's winner eight times as much as the women's champ. Disgusted by arguments such as "men are more exciting to watch" and "it's just biology," she and her friend Gladys Heldman decide to set up their own tournament— and the Women's Tennis Association is born.

Meanwhile, former men's tennis star Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell) — suffocated by the quiet, domestic life he shares with rich wife Priscilla — comes up with the perfect idea to get himself back in the public eye: a big, public tennis match between him and Billie Jean. She doesn't take the bait at first, but eventually King can't deny that it's her destiny to participate in the Battle of the Sexes. This movie is the empowering story of a woman who refused to give up.


That's all for today, peeps. Have fun watching these movies !

- Saskia :)

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