"Touche pas à mon poste" : the scandal between Cyril Hanouna and Louis Boyard

Political ideologies are not treated in the same way on the show: "touche pas a mon poste" on the French channel C8.

Does freedom of expression still hold on Cyril Hanouna's show: "don't touch my post" on the C8 channel?

What happened on the set of Cyril Hanouna after he made vulgar remarks directed to the deputy Louis Boyard is simply scandalous, and Cyril Hanouna broke one of the most important principles of the declaration of human rights: freedom of expression.

Do we still have the right to express ourselves freely on the TV set held by Cyril Hanouna or not?

According to Alexis Lévrier, it is clear that the extreme right is better received than the extreme left.

A choice of Cyril Hanouna or the TV channel ?

For the moment, the only thing we are sure of is the fact that Cyril Hanouna welcomes the extreme right better than the extreme left. We know nothing about the political opinion of the channel, or more exactly the political opinion of Vincent Boloré, the head of the channel.

What will be the sanctions and the repercussions of this act of affront to one of the fundamental laws of human rights?

Sanction proceedings have been initiated by ARCOM. And very severe sanctions can be imposed by Arcom: the channel is thus exposed to a heavy fine or even suspension of the publishing, broadcasting, and distribution of an audiovisual program.

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