The world During CoVid : We're one year in.

When I look at photos of my friend and I a year ago, I'm fascinated. I try to remember what life was like before hand gel, masks, and weird handshakes. As I write this article, I'm sitting in a library with a mask on my face. Everyone else has one too.

When we will tell our children and grandchildren about this time, they'll think we're crazy. We sanitized our hands, didn't touch anyone, and wore pieces of fabric on our faces for protection. In history books, we'll probably sound like hypochondriacs. How has CoVid affected us? What new reflexes have we developed? Today I'll be exploring three things that have changed since February last year.

Firstly, masks. A year ago, we took walking in the street with an uncovered face for granted. It was the people who were wearing masks who were strange.

Whereas now, masks are the norm. Any person above eleven years old who isn't wearing one is fined. Seeing only half people's faces is normal. Some people have even made it a fashion accesory! They use colours, glitter, fun drawings, and more. So there is a bright side of it, you see?


Secondly, hand sanitizing. No-one would be caught dead without a little bottle of alchohol and chemicals that they whip out whenever they touch a door handle. Hand sanitizer is seen on every pharmacist shelf, in every bag, and every pocket. Companies have even been selling some with glitter and special scents! This cleaning gel is the latest trend.


Lastly, touching. When I watch movies filmed before CoVid, I cringe every time people hug or shake hands. With my friends, we've created handshakes with our feet so we don't contaminate eachother. There are posters saying "No Hugs!" on every wall. Things have gotten crazy.


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- Saskia ;)

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