The Death of Raymond Lévesque

Raymond Lévesque, a Quebecois singer, composer, songwriter, poet, writer, playwright, and actor, died on Monday due to CoVid-19. He was 92 ears old. His most famous piece of work will always be his song "Quand les Hommes Vivront d'Amour", composed in 1956.


He became deaf in the mid-1980s, and subsequently devoted himself to writing, particularly poetry and theater. Hospitalized in Montreal after contracting Covid-19, this multi-talented artist passed away on Monday.


Raymond Lévesque in Montréal on the 25 avril 2006. (Images Distribution/NEWSCOM/SIPA / Images Distribution/NEWSCOM/SIPA)


The TYN team presents all of our condoleances to his friends and family.


You can watch Céline Dion's interpretation of "Quand Les Hommes Vivront d'Amour" here.

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