The Dangers Of The Web : Three tips for staying safe.

When I say "Internet", what do you think of ? What about "Wifi" ? Or "Computer" ?

Most people will think of fun video games with their friends, instant messaging, and other digital passtimes. But what about that e-mail, advertising a cute bracelet ? Where did they get your contact ? And how on earth did they know your favourite colour was

green ?

Each day, millions of people's private data is stolen and used for making money. People type their e-mail adress into a seemingly harmless little formula, so they can recieve special offers on buying gems in their favourite game.

How can we keep our data safe from intruding eyes ? And how, as millenials, can we safely navigate the web ? All of the answers will be in this article.

I have three tips for you.

1. Never click on the YouTube suggestion that is at the top.

This feeds your preferences and data to Google. Even though Google is a safe and trustworthy service, something will always slip through.

2. When you have to read the privacy rules of a company, actually read them. There may be something you're not okay with, but you missed it. This will be entirely your fault, and, when you find out, will put you in a tricky situation.

3. If you're ever creating an account on a digital service, never lie about your age.

If that service was created for adults, it should stay that way.

Who knows what predators could be lurking in the dark ?

The aim of these tips was not to scare you, but to warn you of what can happen on the internet, and why. So now that you've got these three awesome tips under your arm, you can surf the net safely !

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