Mcfly and Carlito: who are these two youtubers who took up the challenge of Emmanuel Macron?

Mcfly and Carlito were asked by the President of the Republic to produce a clip on barrier gestures, which they released on YouTube on Sunday February 21. But why did the French head of state choose these two young youtubers?

"The PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC is giving us a challenge. There you go. Crazy? Yes". Published on February 19, this video of Mcfly and Carlito announced the color of a project released this Sunday, February 21: to make a clip on barrier gestures to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a request from the head of the State. The challenge ? If the song has 10 million views, Emmanuel Macron will agree to appear in one of their video, shot directly at the Elysee Palace. A challenge that the two comedians agreed to take up.

Shy beginnings on YouTube

David Coscas (Mcfly) and Raphaël Carlier (Carlito) got to know each other on the benches of the school, in the Parisian suburbs, in Bois-Colombes. The bac in his pocket, the two accomplices, already inseparable, decide to get into the media. They made their television debut in 2013 for the now defunct L'Énorme TV channel. They create the Fat Show, a comedy show that mixes sketches, songs, micro-sidewalks and celebrity interviews. At the same time, they publish their show on YouTube without really causing a sensation.

Their success began to grow thanks to the YouTube channel of the Golden Mustache collective which brings together several YouTubers in original and funny short films. They joined the collective in 2014 and made a remarkable first appearance thanks to their crazy song "He put his sex". The video has more than 9 million views and is still one of the most popular on the channel today.

A sudden and dazzling success

From then on everything accelerates. In 2016, they decided to relaunch their YouTube channel as a duo under the name "Mcfly and Carlito" (previously named Fat Show, in connection with their old show). Aware of the success of their humorous songs, their first video was released in November of the same year and unveiled a new track: "I perform the dab". Internet users are there and the video has more than 19 million views.

After this dazzling breakthrough, the pair developed new and ever more innovative video concepts: "Mario Carte Bleue", "We call people at random", "The best game in the car" or even "The anecdotes competition" (which Emmanuel Macron may participate if their clip on barrier gestures is seen 10 million times).

With their 6 million subscribers and their billion total views, Mcfly and Carlito have the 15th most followed YouTube channel in France. However, they are still far from those of Squeezie and Cyprien who each have 15.6 million and 14 million subscribers.

Committed words and celebrities

Thanks to their sometimes a little heavy humor and their communicative joie de vivre, Mcfly and Carlito have seduced many Internet users but also several celebrities who have agreed to participate in their video. Guillaume Canet, David Guetta, Will Smith or even Patrick Bruel have played the game in sketches that rarely go below 5 million views. "It's nice to see people from other spheres opening up to this kind of Youtube format that they are not used to," wrote the two comedians under their video with Patrick Bruel.

The comic duo, each 34 years old, also sometimes knows how to use their notoriety to send strong messages to their young audience. They made several videos on adolescent sexuality, including one in front of a class of high school students. In 2018, they released a book, The Modern Dictionary. "Today, words have a different meaning, a different meaning than in the last century and we decided to take the tired costume of the French Academy from them and put on them shorts and a shirt with tropical patterns. ", is it written on the back cover. The following year, they decided to retake their baccalaureate and show their revisions throughout the year.

The success of these two YouTubers justifies the choice of Emmanuel Macron to turn to them for this awareness on barrier gestures. Will their song get 10 million views? This Tuesday morning, it already has 8.5 million views and could therefore well cross the expected bar in the coming hours ...

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