Mali: French army strike killed 19 civilians in January, UN report finds

The French army validated that it had only shot down jihadists in a strike on January 3. But it also killed 19 commoners according to the UN.

France was indicted by a UN report, proclaimed Tuesday, March 30, of having executed 19 civilians in a strike in Mali. The French army had so far required to have hit only dozens of jihadists, while a strike near the settlement of Bounty on January 3. But civilians and a local federation maintained that many civilians had perished during a wedding.

In its announcement, the Human Rights Division of the UN Mission in Mali (Minusma) demonstrates that it is "able to approve the holding of a marriage ceremony which brought together around a hundred at the site of the strike. Noncombatants, among whom were five well-armed persons, considered branches of the Katiba Serma "

"There were several strikes, one after the other," a witness to the bombing told in early February. "When I came back I noticed the carnage, we couldn't distinguish the martyrs."


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