How to become the person you've always dreamt to be

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

You may see life as a cup half full or half empty. It depends on how you see things. Try to see it half full, even in harsh times. Focus on the good things, rather than seeing the things that are wrong.

Change is important. We, children, change every day. We learn new things, new words, we grow physically and mentally. We are growing to be the person we have always been looking for. To surpass our own parents so that our own children will surpass us later. We don't know who we are yet. We will discover it little by little over the course of our lives. It is exciting!

Try meditation every day for 5 minutes. There are great ones on Youtube for kids and teens. Meditation helps refocus all energies. Meditation helps reconnect with our mind. Meditation relaxes and calms the mind. It nourishes your mind like you nourish your body. With meditation you are impassive. Nothing can get in your way. Your bubble protects you.

Be the person you want to become. And you will.

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