Fortnite VS Apple: what you need to know about this battle inside your Phone!

Epic Games, who developed Fortnite and other big games accuse Tom Crook (Apple PDG) to abuse of his power by taking important amounts of the gains produces by the game. Trial open Monday 10 May 2021!!!

Epic Games, at the origin of the complaint, attacks the economic model of the App Store, the application store found on Apple devices. He denounces the conditions set by the giant. All application developers can indeed sell additional content (subscriptions, virtual currency, etc.), but for this they must go through Apple, which acts as an intermediary and charges a 30% commission on all transactions. . . Since December, this commission has increased to 15% for the smallest independent publishers.

The offensive began on August 13, 2020, when Epic Games launched a communication campaign dubbed #FreeFortnite on social media, to accompany the launch of an alternative store within the video game application on iOS, the system operating device developed by Apple for its iPhone type. devices. Epic Games thus offered its players to buy Fortnite's virtual currency cheaper if they went directly through its payment system, and not through Apple's.

In response, the California-based firm immediately removed the popular game, which has more than 116 million users on iOS, from the App Store. Consequence: Epic Games has filed a complaint against Apple for "abuse of dominant position". The video game publisher claims to fight "on principle", in the name of the freedom of developers and players.

What does this change for Fortnite players on iOS?

The Apple company has blocked updates and new installations of Fortnite on the App Store. It also indicated that it is putting an end to the means of development of Fortnite on devices according to its operating system iOs. Therefore, the 14.00 update dubbed "Chapter 2 - Fortnite Season 4" was not released on iOS and macOS (the operating system for computers developed by Apple) on August 27, explains Epic Games on its site. It is still possible to play Fortnite version 13.4, but access to new content is not possible at this time.

In-game virtual items already purchased by customers will continue to work on all platforms, but new Fortnite items added after Update 13.4 will not be available on iOS if purchased on a different platform.

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