3 Movies To Watch During CoVid-19

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

CoVid-19 is hard. We all know it. Masks at school, gel on our hands, and not being able to touch anyone. So what better than curling up on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate and watching a good ol' movie ? Movies are one of the best ways to realx, along with books and tea. Today, I'm going to tell you about the 3 best movies to watch during CoVid. Let's get going !

  1. Life Is Beautiful, or la vita e bella

Produced by Gianluigi Braschi and Elda Ferri, this movie is a masterpiece! It is sat in the Holocaust, and tells the story of a Jewish family that is sent to a concentration camp on he day of the son's birthday. His father pretends that they are on holidays, and tries to make him believe that they came by choice. He is hiding the Holocaust from his son.

A beautiful movie about war, love, and family.

2. The Social Dilemma

This is a documentary about screens and what they do to you. It teaches you about cookies, tracking, and how screens control your mind with "twitter feeds" and YouTube suggestions. Watch it ! It will change the way you look at your computer.

3. Parvana, Une Enfance En Afghanistan

Produced by Nora Twomey, this movie tells the story of a girl, Parvana, who grew up in the Afghan War. Her father went to prison, and she is left alone with her mother, big sister, and little brother, but women are not allowed to be in the streets alone. Parvana then cuts her hair and dresses in traditionally "male" clothes, to be able to buy food for her family.

So there! Now go jogging! ;)

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